About Sami Al-Taher IT Est

Sami Al-Taher IT Est is a well diversified technology resource company head quartered in Amman, Jordan and with offices in Amman, Jordan. Established in 1997, Sami Al-Taher IT Est provides services in the following categories:

»  Web Design and Development

»  Online Marketing/Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

»  Domain Registrations

»  Hosting and Server data center

»  Internet Security Certificates

»  Email Solutions and Protection

»  Software as a Service

»  Application Development

»  Technical Support

»  Business Intelligence

»  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Sami Al-Taher IT Est is a company that provides turnkey technology and outsourcing solutions to small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses nationwide and throughout the Middle East. In Sami Al-Taher IT Est, you will find a partner that can provide high quality, cost-effective and scalable support for your growing technical, marketing and other back-office needs.

Sami Al-Taher IT Est provides custom and packaged technology solutions to meet various client requirements. We focus on providing deep technical and process expertise to support these requirements. Our services not only involve programmatic application development, but also include visually oriented website and Flash design, manually intensive data entry and QA testing, and process intensive BPO services. Popular technologies like Cognos, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, PHP/Perl, MySQL, .NET, and Java form the core of our offering, but we also work with cutting-edge tools to allow you to take advantage of emerging technologies like WordPress, PHP5, Ruby on Rails, AJAX and Web 2.0.

Our value proposition is simple. Sami Al-Taher IT Est enables you to focus on your core business while we provide the support required for fast growth. We select, train, deploy experienced resources rapidly so that you save time and money. We can staff resources in an expanded or contracted manner based on your need at any given point in time. We focus on thoroughly understanding your business so that your users are eager to adopt the technology to make their daily work lives easier and more efficient. While you keep your eyes on the strategic areas of the business, we provide all the tactical support needed to accomplish your goals.